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About Utsira


Welcome to Utsira! Utsira is an "exotic" island in the North Sea, 15 km west of Karmøy in Rogaland. 213 people live on 6.15 km2 in Norway's smallest municipality. Many know the island and the municipality from the weather forecast or from TV-charity shows. In statisitcal terms Utsira often shows up in strange ways: Either on top, or at the bottom! Not everyone realises that statistics often lie when representing a small number as 214.... Utsira is the place you go to - not pass. The trip to Utsira takes about 60 minutes by boat/ferry and the voyage is exotic enough. The sea passage in its own right is considered as quite tough at times, especially in smaller and older boats. Weather and wind have made it necessary to establish two harbours on Utsira. So one harbour is always protected from the wind, ensuring regular traffic. Now Utsira has a new, big ferry with stabilisers, roll control, and a light, lounge with air cinditioning! Sea sickness has not quite disappeared, but most trips can now be regarded as a cruise! But Utsira is much more today. One finds a Shop, School, Nursing Home, Library, Kindergarten, Sports club, Brass band, Ornithological Station, local crafts swimming and sports halls, sports stadium, nature trails and wild terraine, Hotel, Restaurants and the sea everywhere. Lobster catching is an exciting hobby for many islanders and for those who love fishing it is obvious that Utsira is a great starting point... Welcome to Utsira!