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Utsira gard og slekt

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Utsira, Norway, Farm and Family History 1521-1995

By Jostein Austrheim

Translated by Johannes Christoffersen

Edited by Virginia Stover

526 pages Hardback w/ dust jacket 29.95 0x08 graphic

This book will be especially interesting to those who have relatives from Norway. It gives a very detailed account of families from Utsira who emigrated to the USA and Canada during the 19th and early 20th centuries. If you would like to trace your ancestry or would just like to find out more about your relatives from this area, then this book will be of great interest to you. If you wish more information or to order, please contact the publisher above.


This book is a translation of Utsira, Gard og slekt, (Utsira, Farm and family), by Jostein Austrheim, published in Norway in 1995. It is a record of settlement on Utsira, the outermost island off the west coast of Norway. It is also a genealogy of the folk who carved out a living there through the ages. It begins with a brief overview of the earliest evidence of settlement on the island, going back to 3000 BC through the Great Migration. The earliest written records date back to 1521. From that date, the author gives a detailed account of the farmers, fishermen and their families, interspersed with many fascinating old photos, maps and charts, entertaining local tales, and newspaper clippings that help to bring alive the past on this exotic and remote island in the North Sea.